Zoe...Santa's helper

Meet Zoe!

Year after year kids and kids at heart come in asking where is Zoe?  We have accepted that she is the star of the show, so we put her picture on our logo.   Kids… she is watching, so you better be good, Santa checks in with her regularly to check his list to see who’s been naughty and nice.

Zoe has lots of friends many are two legged and some have four.  If you bring your beloved four legged friend with you to pick out your tree, please make sure they are on a leash and that you pick up after them.  Zoe is friendly and more interested in fetching her ball, but if you are afraid of dogs we will be more than happy to put her away during your shopping experience.


About Zoe

  • Zoe is a Border Collie.
  • Santa brought her to Sammy and Dena Christmas Eve 2006
  • Zoe is 11 years old
  • She loves the lake and riding in the tractor at the rodeo
  • When she was 1 years old she was helping at the tree lot by picking up the stumps and putting them away in the bins.
  • Border Collies are a hard working dog that needs a job.  Typically these dogs are used to herd cattle & sheep.  Zoe’s ‘job’ is to greet customers and to get you to throw the ball, Frisbee, water bottle or what ever she can convince you to throw. Don’t be surprised if she has given you the border collie stare and has you walking out of your way to do what she wants.  Zoe basically runs the tree lot.

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